Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Problems With Audi A4 - Bluetooth Problems

Problems With Audi A4 - Bluetooth Problems

I just bought a 2009 Audi A4 which I love, but can not solve one problem Bluetooth. Bluetooth syncs up fine with my Blackberry Curve (AT & T is a provider), acknowledged Contact me direcly in the phone book, but does not recognize the "pause" I've already programmed in the numbers in my blackberry that enables one-button access to voicemail office ( namely, access number, pause, mailbox number, pauses, PIN). Bluetooth stopped calling after the access phone number.

For that, there does seem to be a way to program telephone numbers into memory direcly car with a "pause" that would enable one touch access to voicemail.

The only thing that works is calling the voicemail access number on the Blackberry itself (or use one-dial button on the blackberry) and then synchronized with Bluetooth. Then quickly and acknowledge the gap and put me where I want to be on the voicemail menu. But it missed the point of hands-free!

What am I missing here? It should be possible for Bluetooth to handle this task, somehow. please see here to fix the problem.