Friday, February 5, 2010

Bentley’s Latest Luxury Car Shimmers

Bentley Continental is here to make you go bankrupt within a few instants. It costs $267,000 and would run at the speed of 204 MPH. The gas guzzler tax and delivery charges are extra. The car comes with some serious specifications like 6.0 litre W!” and also 621 HP. It also has 590 lb-ft of torque which suggest the car is more powerful than you can imagine.

The car looks as stylish as any Bentley and you could certainly drive down Mulholland Drive in Hollywood. It would be interesting to drive down the road and feel the pinch of tragedies that have taken place there. If you can’t drive till Hollywood, any classy shopping area would be good enough to ride this car.

I would certainly love to have this car but unfortunately I am poor as a church mouse, which only leaves me gawking at all the fineries of the world and writing about them, instead of purchasing something even remotely expensive.