Friday, July 30, 2010

Future Toyota cars to receive new grille and ‘family face’

Toyota FT-CH Concept

In a move pioneered by chief Akio Toyoda that aims to lend Toyota cars with heightened emotional appeal, all new cars will receive a new grille and ‘family face’.

The new front-end look is in the process of being finalized but Toyota Europe boss Didier Leroy said that it will be more consistent and recognizable than the current line-up’s appearance. The smaller cars will be revised to look more like the bigger ones, instead of the other way around. But to distinguish between the ranges, there will be variations. For instance, product groups such as SUVs and sports models will have their own distinctive look. At the latest Geneva motor show, Toyota unveiled the FT-86 coupe concept that displays a possible new front-end look for Toyota.