Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Lancia Stratos | Cars Show

2010 Lancia Stratos Front Side Top View 2010 Lancia Stratos
Lancia Stratos
2010 Lancia Stratos is built as a one-off (for the time being) by Pininfarina for Michael Stoschek, a wealthy German businessman. The Stratos is based on a shortened platform of a Ferrari F430 Scuderia, which as you may recall, sports a rev-happy 4.3-liter V8 churning out 510-Italian-studs.

2010 Lancia Stratos Front View 2010 Lancia Stratos
Lancia Stratos

German media, including Auto Motor und Sport magazine, reported today that the Stratos is a one off -at least for now- commissioned by Michael Stoschek, owner and CEO of the German automotive supplier, Brose KG. It is not clear if the Lancia badge will be used on the final car since it’s not an official product.
While there is nothing new in the way of details, the people behind the project have finally released some high resolution photos of the reborn Stratos that you can enjoy, check it out the photos below: