Sunday, December 12, 2010

Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR2 TopCar

Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR2

Tuning firm, TOPCAR, is slowly becoming a major player in the aftermarket industry for their works with a number of Porsche, BMW, and Bentley models they have worked on in the past 6 years.

Recently, the Russian aftermarket company announced that they were in the process of presenting a new aerodynamic body kit for the Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR 2, using the Cayenne 2 model as its base.

Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR2

With the new body kit, TOPCAR remodeled the Porsche SUV by adding a bevy of items, including a front spoiler bumper, a new bonnet, wide fenders, a rear spoiler bumper, and a diffuser, thereby turning it into a menacing piece of Stuttgart savagery. Likewise, all these parts were carefully made using high-grade items like carbon Kevlar and carbon fiber. On top of that, an engine upgrade is also still in the works, one that will see the Porsche Cayenne receive a major bump in power from 550 horsepower to 750 horsepower. Full details behind the improvement on the powertrain have yet to be released so we’re going to hold off on that end.

In the meantime, Top Car is already preparing the first seven models for its first customers with a total of only 50 units being made to ensure exclusivity for all of its prospective owners.