Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Modern Retro Cars Most Expensive Valuables U.S. $ 8 Million

This is the most expensive retro car. Rapper Jay-Z is always included in the Forbes list of richest celebrities known to drive a Maybach Exelero is estimated to worth up to U.S. $ 8 million.

Looking at these fantastic prices, certainly raises the question, what is the special of the car used in the video clips Jay Z "Lost One" is this?

Maybach Exelero was first shown to the world in May 2005 pubrik ago in Berlin, Germany. Carries a two-seater coupe design integrating the retro-modern design, reinforced by the Maybach Exelero V12 engine, Twin-turbo that has a capacity of 5908 malignant forces.

With these machines Maybach Exelero when tested in high-speed track in Nardo, Italy capable of speeding up to 351 km per hour and give off energy in the run up to 700 hp with torque at 5000 rpm rotation speed below 1020 Nm at 2500 rpm.

While the Maybach Exelero for its design, the German luxury car manufacturer is assisted by students from Pforzheim College to design a design that takes the base of the Maybach 57 limousine.

Because that's not surprising that the outside car view which has the dimensions (PxLxT) 5890 mm, 2140 mm and 1390 mm this looks exotic with retro design lines but brings a modern specification.

Unfortunately, the car which is a sister brand of Mercedes-Benz is not intended to be mass produced and can only be owned by a limited course.