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Guide To Buying Harley Davidson Windshields

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Quick-Release Detachable Windshield - Standard 58063-04
Harley Davidson windshields and the aftermarket Harley Davidson replacement windshields are a thriving industry. Why? Because proper redirection of airflow is vital for the motorcycle rider's comfort and safety.

Choosing and buying the right Harley Davidson windshield or any motorcycle windshields for that matter is a personal and subjective matter. Plowing through the maze of assortment of plastic windscreens available in the market today is one main feat. Here are compiled universal guidelines in buying Harley Davidson windshield for your bike:

1. The height of the windshield should be at least two inches just below your chin when seated comfortably on your bike. You should be able to look over the windshield and see the road ahead of you without straining as well as look through the windshield easily when you want to.

2. The width of the Harley Davidson windshields should not be too narrow as to expose your hands, wrist and forearms to turbulent air thus makes you susceptible to wind fatigue.

3. Superb optics is a must. Look for any slight clues of distortion and scratches around the edges of the windshield.

4. Check to see if the set of mounting hardware that goes with the windshield does not include mis-sized screws and should come with mounting procedures or instructions. So you won't waste time discerning how to go about installing the harley davidson windshield.

5. Harley Davidson windshield installation as well as removal shouldn't be too complicated, so that it won't take you long to do the whole operation.

6.The length and width of the windshield could affect the handling of your motorcycle.

7. Do a road test with your newly installed Harley Davidson windshield at a certain speed. Notice any presence of turbulence or buffeting situation.

These are just a few general guideline if you are in the market for a new Harley Davidson windshield or if you are looking for aftermarket Harley Davidson replacement windshield. Of course, the rider's body dimensions, arm reach, the distance between the seat and the windscreen, riding position, riding style, the motorcycle's front end aerodynamics, the speed at which you travel, the bike's idiosyncrasies all conspire to create an effective windshield.

Go to your nearest Harley Davidson motorcycle dealer or to the bike's manufacturer website and ask for application charts or catalog. Browse the list of accessories that are available to your motorcycle's particular model and year. You will get an idea of what is available. If you want to buy Harley Davidson windshield online, make sure there is a solid return policy.

In a nutshell, we need a Harley Davidson windshield or any brand of motorcycle windshields to provide a barrier between the rider and errant bugs, discarded cigarette butts or any flying debris and bad air, so we can ride safely and comfortably. We should see to it that we redirect airflow and wind blasts, not on our sides, not directly on our helmets but above it. There should be a pocket of still air which translates to riding in comfort for the rider and his passenger. Installing a Harley Davidson windshield should do just that.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Models and Corresponding Windshields:

Whether you are looking to buy new Harley Davidson windshield or aftermarket Harley Davidson replacement windshield for your stock unit, it is interesting to note that there are every conceivable windshields for various Harley bike models such as motorcycle windshields for Harley Davidson Sportster. The Sportster have been around for a long time since 1957. Many riders make the Harley Sportster an all- around bike and what a greater way to get a little break from the wind than adding a Harley Davidson sportster windshield.

If you want a good combination of style, function and good looks the Harley Davidson Street Glide is fast becoming a popular model of the Harley Davidson line-up. By affixing a new Harley Davidson Street Glide windshield for your bike you will never feel the effects of buffeting and surely you will enjoy your long hauls on weekends.

Love it or hate it. The Harley Davidson Road Glide is often dubbed the shark nose Harley. If you want to make an impact on the aesthetics side of your bike, simply add an easy-to-change Harley Davidson Road Glide windshield.

An enthusiast can make his beloved Fatboy or Softail transform from a nice-all-around cruiser to a stunning boulevard beauty in just a matter of minutes,by adding a quick release detachable Harley Davidson Fatboy windshield or Harley Davidson Heritage Softail windshield. They are even more fun and comfortable to ride if you install an excellent quality motorcycle windscreen.

While the Harley Davidson road kings are perfect as they freshly roll off from the dealer's, owners would customize their bikes according to their tastes as a way of extending their personality. Owners do this by installing a new quick release detachable Harley Davidson Road King windshield or aftermarket Harley Davidson road king replacement windshield. They would ride"naked' and cruise the boulevard in style or ride at high speed in interstate highways. Best of both worlds!

How To Install Harley Davidson Windshield and Harley Davidson Windshield Removal Process

Ideally, installing a Harley Davidson windshield shouldn't take you more than thirty minutes. The mounting hardware kit should come with mounting instructions. Although the requisite bracketry differ from windshield to windshield, some manufacturers offer quick release detachable windshields for the purpose of enabling you to interchange windshields from clear to tinted or to easily remove it and ride naked.

When mounting your Harley Davidson windshields or aftermarket Harley Davidson replacement windshields, see to it, you don't bind lighting or brake lines. Make sure the controls and mirrors should have plenty of space, so that you will be able to see any angle from the view point of your usual riding position. If the windshields' edges intrude , you are going to re-route cables differently or re-mount turn signals.

Test the windshield's fit before finally torquing down fasteners. This is to avoid making complicated changes later. Move the handlebars side to side to full lock to check if the windshield does not interfere with steering. Test ride and do it slow.
The Harley Davidson windshield should fit your bike seamlessly and Harley Davidson removal process of unscrewing the mounting bolts should be quick and painless.

How To Select The Right Harley Davidson Windshield Height

Harley Davidson windshields come in varying sizes and styles. Clear, tinted, smoked, gray, bronze and curved windshields. A complex question would be, what size should you buy? Well there are no hard and fast rules. Just good old trial and error to come up with the right windshield height configurations. But first consider your anatomy like height, torso length, seating position, arm reach etc.

If you consider riding in warm climate, you must want some airflow circulating above your helmet so you need a taller and wider winshield. Though it could turn into a steam bath during the peak of summer. A low top windshield should keep currents of air off your head. Just no air flowing directly at your head or upper lip. You may experience a situation called buffeting and i might add, wind fatigue.

The rule of thumb when selecting the right windshield height is to clear your line of vision as to comfortably see the road ahead over the windshield without straining and low enough as you can easily look through the windshield. If your windshield is too tall and you ride on rainy nights, there is a tendency that raindrops on the windshield will catch blinding lights and can turn your windshield into a translucent curtain obscuring,distorting and hindering your view of the road ahead. You are going to be in serious trouble if your windshield is too tall and making it into a deadly blindfold.

Another practical guide in selecting the right Harley Davidson windshield height for your bike is to cut a cardboard mock pattern of varying lengths and widths measurements. Have a friend put the cardboard at the front end of your motorcycle while you are astride your bike. Pretend its a real windshield and decide which is the right one.

If you have the extra budget you can go have your body dimension measured and have the manufacturer custom builds a windshield that matches your anatomy.

Maintenance and Upkeep For Your Harley Davidson Windshields

Maintaining your Harley Davidson windshield in tip top condition means that it is free from dust,particles and scratches. Clean it the same way you clean your face shields. Don't use paper towels that are easily accessible in gas stations, to wipe clean your windshield. Instead use soft cloth, preferably flannel. But before wiping it with soft cloth, flush the windshield with warm water and use a mild soap. Water rinse it until clean. Don't wipe it in horizontal or round motions as it encourages scratching, even though minor, could add up.

Your windshields should not be exposed to open cans of paint or lacquer especially in a tight or closed door environment. It will cause crazing of the windshields in a matter of days. Cover your Harley Davidson windshields with cloth to protect it from destructive fumes.

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