Saturday, April 10, 2010

My car gearbox problem

Well here is a little true story about my Nissan Micra Hollywood 1995. It started about 3 months ago and a scratching sound appeared when driving. It was shuttle and quite and at this point and of my car parts could be to blame. I thought it might be the car engine in which case i would have sold the car for scrap since it is worth nothing. Anyway.

I was not too bothered about the noise, i got to work ok and did my normal weekly routines. Over the next few weeks the scratching sound only occurred in 1st gear, thus narrowing it down to the car gearbox or my car engine, however i did nothing.

A few weeks later the scratching sound had spread to gears 1 to 4, only leaving 5 as a healthy gear. With my family convinced i was going to die in a car accident and everyone who got in the car told me to get it checked, i did just that.

They confirmed it was my car gearbox and it was completely broken. They wanted to supply the gearbox themselves for 200 GBP, however i used CarSpareFinder to find a car gearbox for 143 GPB located near me so i picked it up and got it fixed.

My car has now been fine for several months, so im happy. rock on my 1995 Nissan micra hollywood!