Monday, April 26, 2010

New Minerva R150 VX 2010 Reviews

New Minerva R150 VX 2010 Reviews
New Motor Minerva R150 VX 2010 Picture
Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) Manufacture finally officially released the Minerva R150 sports motorcycle VX into the ground water two-wheel market.

Motor sports will be sold for USD 16.5 million on the road (OTR) Greater Jakarta.

Minerva R150 VX now more overweight due to adopt an enhanced full fairing with aerodynamic gasoline tank.

"We always strive to realize the desire to present consumers with a futuristic sports bike and more powerful," said President Director of PT MMI Kristianto Goenadi in JIExpo.
Motor sports mainstay VX Minerva Minerva R150 R150 carrying the same machine ie berkasitas 150 cc engine. Although the same power output of 150 cc engine is claimed to PT MMI different and more powerful. Minerva R150 VX engine is now blessed with the previous capacity of approximately 13.5 Ps 12 Ps.
Head lamp R150 VX uses a light projection that will chime with the design of the tank, frame and stern of a sporty and harmonious. Also now has a digital speedometer. While on the legs, Minerva R150 VX adopt
Monosohock absorbers, disc brakes front and rear.