Friday, March 19, 2010

Ford F250 Dash Lighting LED Replacement and Installation Guide

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The step by step dash lighting LED replacement and installation procedure for Ford Super Duty F250, this manual clearly explain how to remove the bulb, installing and configuring complete with illustration. This write-up covers the replacement of the following bulbs: 4×4 Knob Switch, Headlight Switch, Instrument Cluster, Heater/AC Controls. The first picture shows where the bulb assembly was. Unplug the harness and remove the 4×4 knob assembly. The second picture is the bulb housing with the new LED installed. The LED used for this bulb was from and is part number NEO5-G. I soldered the LED legs to the housing contacts. Reinstall the bulb assembly into the 4×4 knob assembly and turn on the headlights, to verify you have the LED in correctly, it
will only work one direction. Then, unplug the harness and set this assembly to the side, since it needs to be removed for the
upcoming dash removal. This installation was the most difficult one. Mainly figuring out how to disassemble the switch assembly without trashing it. The first step is to snap off the melted plastic pieces that hold the switch assembly together. Here’s a pic of these pieces, there will be several of them around the perimeter of the assembly. Here you can see the internals of the switch assembly, with the green capped bulb mounted to the circuit board. Ok just download this pdf document and you can do it your self LED replacement on Ford F250 Super Duty.

Download pdf document :

this manual available free to download at we found it via google pdf search