Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AT37 conversion package for Toyota Hilux

When the Hilux modified to fit 37 "wheels, the suspension is raised to 40 millimeters in front and behind, and the body 20 millimeters removed from the frame. In connection with the body lift to make several changes to the steering, suspension and transfer system. Many changes were made to the body to ensure that the wheels of the free and unlimited run no matter what conditions the car is exposed. Fender flares are installed on the roof, wide wheels and add a very powerful look at the car.

AT37 With change, you will be able to challenge the cars in some of the toughest environments in the world who still insisted that the care is essential for the selection of off-road time.

The AT37 will give you the greater angle, better traction, more comfortable car, a better picture and best sense of confidence.

Larger tires will provide less pressure and deflating them a better ability to fly snow, sand and soft terrain as a whole will.

In Toyota Hilux AT37 is ideal while still "horse" or the adventurous person can not accept that the path is the path. With its relatively low weight of the Hilux is a massive climbing abilities.