Thursday, January 7, 2010

United States Domestic Market (USDM) Style. (Civic EK4 1997)

Civic EK4 or many people said “Ferio Hatchback” is a rare car in Indonesia. So, may need an extraordinary treatment to keep the condition of that car. But, maybe because has a extraordinary modification experience and modification stories, the owner of this EK4 do some extraordinary habit. Yes, he modified his rare car to become faster and more passionate.

Civic is sporty based car. Improved with Honda label that often made a fast, sporty and daily use car, the project started. First, the exterior. Civic has a top-of-the-top type, named Type-R. So, this EK4 use the Type-R bodykit to get better appearance. A great solution. Maybe you get an inspiration or some modification experience and modification story.
The second one that gives a big compensation of this car exchange is the paint. The Electron Blue Pearl is one of the most favorite colors for American tuner. So, the USDM style had improved. This color had many time chosen because the blue color is like blurring smooth with the purple color. How a fantastic. So, do you get more inspiration now?
The next exterior parts that maybe give you more modification experience and also inspiration are the velg. The red colored Gab sports velg 16x7 inch combined with a blue body color? The owner said that in U.S, the bright colors for rims are popular. So, in my opinion, the color is like the famous Superhero, Spiderman. How a good information for us.
After the exterior already finished, now we move into the favorite sector for the owner. The engine. This B16A engine is most wanted engine from the VTEC lovers. It called “the real VTEC engine”. So, proudly the owners modify his engine to get better performance. It needs some engine modification experience and modification problem solving. Yes, because this engine were rare too.
This are some changes that already done for this car. Bore and stroke process. The engine capacity increased into 2000 cc, and CP piston applied well. And next, to get higher engine compression until 12,5 : 1, Mugen gasket used. Mugen is very popular tuner especially with Honda cars. Mugen modification experience, modification stories and modification parts are no doubt again.
JG valve applied because for the better fuel flow. For a rich fuel at high RPM, Throttle body BDL Race Type size 70 applied. There still many changes than had been done for this EK4. You know about this car max power? 278 hp on engine for N/A engine. It can handled with DC2 gearbox for a precision shift. So powerful hah?
For the racing aura completed, the interior must been modified too. Spoon steering wheel, DC5 semi bucket seats, oil pressure meter, tachometer and water temperatuer from Autometer. Yes, a good modification experience and also, modification stories too. So, whenever you have an exotic rare car, lets modify it.