Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red Ready Ride (Mercedes 300CE 1989)

Mercedes – Benz had been very popular brand in the luxurious class vehicle. So, although this car was an old one, but the Mercedes Benz charisma still in this car. Now, is only about our modification experience and modification stories too restore condition of these car.

300CE is elegant based car. In this case, elegant concept modification better to do because we may get better result. So, because of it, the owner applies that concept into a good result. The most eye catching modification is about he paint. This color is very rare applied with 300CE owners. Because black, white, silver or brown is popular colors for this car. The tuner and the owner modification experience and sense of art made this color is very suitable for this car.
And the bodykit…. Looks! An original bodykit from Germany, most Mercedes popular tuner, AMG. So, this item is very high class, isn’t it? Is very rare item because many local tuners used a copy or replica of AMG bodykit, especially for an old one. The senses of modification art were very consistent and high end class.
The chosen velg for this car is Leading Edge 19x(8,5+9,5) inch. Is very elegant sporty model that can improve the elegant and sporty character in this car. Another modification inspiration for us is the black grille. Because the red body color, the black grille were very eye catching and sporty. This shown both the tuner and the owner has a good modification experiences and modification stories.