Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Giggle Gas - Nitrous Oxide (N20) the power button

Note: It is a mark of a company, but many mistook the name of carbon monoxide gas Dinitrous AKA - N20 Nitrous oxide Dinitrous carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas or (from the medical use as an anesthetic.

Was used in wartime aircraft engines for the promotion and later became a great success in endurance racing in the Pro Mod class is not itself combustible gas is injected into the intake manifold where is mixed with air and fuel. The main advantage of nitrous oxide is a fire and the oxidative release more oxygen into the motor.

An interesting side benefit of the use of nitrous is the cooling effect it has. Rapidly changing from liquid to gas and produces a cooling effect (if you took a bath the water begins to evaporate into a gas, vapor and heat from your body), this reduces the cooling effect of air temperature by 60 degrees taken F. cooler air carries more oxygen needed for combustion is occurring - more oxygen means more fuel it burns.

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Since the nitrous gas is heated in the combustion process decomposes the release of additional oxygen and increases the burn rate so that more fuel into the combustion chamber. Jets of different nozzle sizes to provide a further increase in power from 20bhp more than 200bhp more.

Besides sending nitrous engine needs extra fuel (nitrous creates a charge air cooler denser, more oxygen, so it will run lean when more fuel not included). Of course, the engine has to cope with this increased pressure and power, so that the jets are aligned with the application.

Most standard motors can handle a shot from 20 to 40 HP. Forged pistons, forged steel bars and a cylinder head gasket destination with a rated maximum and screws and full consideration if you need a big power increase.

A full range of nitrous delivery systems are available for all applications of vehicles and engine types and can be tailored to each engine cylinder. Delivery systems are: --
WET (The fuel and nitrous are mixed and presented to the main part of the intake. This system produces more energy than a little dry, but can not be applied to an engine with more consumption normally dry injection engines.)
SECO (The extra fuel needed to maintain the balance of Lean Rico comes to fire the injectors of the vehicle. The main part of the intake is kept dry of fuel.)
Fogger (name Fogger nitrous nozzle and mixes the fuel mixture and sprays directly into the cylinder. Each cylinder can be set separately and additional Foggers can be added to create a dual stage kit. Foggers produce in general significantly more power.)

A bottle warmer can help keep the cylinder pressure and provide good power. To get an idea of how much remains in the nitrous bottle should weigh - like the gauge pressure in the bottle and this can vary depending on the temperature reading.
Add nitrous is a very simple modification of high power. The filling can be a hidden cost.

It is very easy to adapt to a nitrous car within 4 to 6 hours, although most insurance companies do not cover road use. (As with all insurance changes must be notified.) Nitrous £ 10 a bottle is good for about 3 minutes pulse (7-10 ¼ mile running), but not really work for more than 10-15 seconds while you do not ruin your engine.

Nitrous also be applied to a diesel Golf TDI 130ps was almost twice the power - but not boy racers do not buy diesel - until recently.

NoS Medical Quality has no perfume added, such as auto-grade nitrous (occasionally the odor added for auto-grade nitrous is hydrogen, a very unpleasant additive permanent damage to the lungs and cause nerve endings deliberately inhaled for recreation! ) So you can use doctors as nitrous in a car, but not the other way!

If the nitrous boost button --
At or above 2500 RPM with the throttle - you can buy a progressive increase shot nitrous system coinciding with the throttle position and controls the flow. You will receive a large increase in torque and this can result in a loss of traction - so be careful at high speed as a loss of traction is generally equal to an impressive spin and crash.

Nitrous pressing the button and then start the engine can cause engine damage catestrophic. If pressed Buttin - apart from the coil and crank the engine for a couple of times to clean the cylinders.

Providers nitrous injection systems are: - NOS, Wizards of NOS, Nitrous Express (NX), ZEX, Edelbrock, Holley, We, Venom, Nitrous Solutions MJS (You can find NOS, NX, and the Wizards of NOS in our a discount store can be purchased online.)