Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to Apply MirraChrome

MirraChrome will create a mirror finish as long as your surface
is as smooth as glass. Please follow these steps for best results:

Step 1. - Begin by covering your surface with a black basecoat.

Step 2. - Lay down a clear coat, preferably our Alsa Speed
Clear, which is very low in solvents (Remember to use 4 parts
Alsa Speed Clear to 1 part Alsa Speed Hardener). In order for
the finished product to achieve a true chrome look we
recommend you wait 7-10 days to allow the clear to fully
cure before wetsanding and buffing. Make sure to use a soft
lint-free rag. If your surface already has a glass l ike sheen,
move on to step 3.

Step 3. - Thoroughly clean the surface with an alcohol or
alcohol/water solution and dry, taking care to insure it is
streak free.

Step 4. - Begin applying MirraChrome using a dusting effect,
(very small volume of material with a substantial amount of
air). If you are using an H.V.L.P. gun you should be around
20 p.s.i. otherwise use whatever the recommended air
pressure is for your gun, remembering to keep the material
volume very low. Continue applying the MirraChrome until
desired effect is achieved. Wait as long as possible, at
least 24-48 hours, to allow tail solvents to fully evaporate.

Step 5. - (Optional) Some customers have stated that
heating the surface with a heat gun or hair dryer will
actually improve the appearance even more as well as help
to speed the outgasing of tail solvents.

Step 6. - Use a very soft lint-free cloth to remove any of
the excess dust/overspray from the surface. If you complete
this step you will notice a drastic improvement in the
final appearance.

Step 7. - Top with your final poly-urethane clear coat.
You can add Candy Concentrate tints to your top clear coat
to achieve any color chrome you desire.

Step 8. - Let cure then sand and buff as needed.