Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flipping great paint effect

First, we must dispel widespread rumors. Flip paint is actually 2 layers of different colors of paint, but one color, which breaks at certain angles.

It is a very special painting, which is actually a complex and complete patented process. There are several ways of doing, but certainly not a final can be obtained on the basis of DIY.

The color is actually a spectrum of light (things), even better. The high and low frequencies of the colors from infrared to ultraviolet.

If you use a polarizing filter can actually filter light of a certain angle. To illustrate, one can photograph a car and reflections on the paint too thick. Adding a stop polarizing reflected light effectively give a clearer picture.

On the flip-coating has a polarizing effect is to see what really changes the frequency of the reflected light is a function of angle to see.

This will limit the color of the pull effect, that of a similar frequency. This is technically an interference phenomenon in which the reflected wavelengths, which are restricted by the liquid crystal known.
Flip color looks best on cars with curved surfaces. Although far from being a DIY job.

So how this polarization is achieved? The answer is in the liquid crystal. These are used in LCD displays for digital watches to computer screens. The beauty of liquid crystal displays is that a chain liquid crystal polymers to the line under certain conditions. Used on screens and displays a sequence.

The liquid crystal polymers are mixed with the company. The carrier, mixing just a color, includes an addition to slow drying time and let the reoriented crystal polymers.

For the application of paint on the curved surface of the vehicle must apply the paint in a series of predetermined levels. The base layer is the area of color with darker colors create a more strong pull. After the base coat, color mixing liquid crystal is very, very carefully applied to a specific type of spray angle. The color of each drop should be an optimum size and density.
Flip Paint Effect

The application of heat allows the crystals of the line, but when the paint dries too fast will be placed in a model of chaos and more and more like a candy shell. The heat is carefully controlled and balanced. Some applications require a series of warming and cooling phases of painting with different thicknesses.

A clear coat applied over this to protect the paint and help with illusionist showroom shine.

Other methods include the application of a tax on the vehicle that struck the painting, and lining the surface of the metal. There are, as you can on some methods for conducting a cover painting effect, and all are now very jealous.

As with any painting of a car you should ask to see samples and receive testimony on the work so far.
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