Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Toyota Kijang Modification Tips

Tips before modification your car
1. Plan
The first step for the modification or modification auto car hire modifikator is a proven reputation. With those more experienced in this way, you could devote the early design diinginkan.Selanjutnya cars, designer of this modification in the workshop would provide useful input about the color, tires, interior, and anything else related.

2. Budget
Having no idea what kind of repairs the body you want, then it is time peering into the wallet. Make sure how much funding was allocated to modify your first ini.Riset what the price of spare part and the time required for modification or modification auto car. If you choose to use professional services, so make sure you have extra budget to include all your honor.Jangan budget set too fit. Exaggerating the budget is around 10% in case of unwanted things.

3.Find the right car
After making sure your budget is, now looking for a used car body receives a proper polish. The less rust and damage, the more you shout wallet senang.Namun most important, make sure you research first about the car. At least you know the year of manufacture and specifications mengikutinya.Satu things that should never be missed, make sure your candidate is not a stolen ride.

4. Spare Part List
After spending the spare part in the workshop modification, you should arrange these shopping lists. Note where you save all the stuff so you do not buy the same item two kali.Jangan forget mark when the body of the car spare part is already embedded in the favorite car.

5. "Kikis" Cat
There are several methods suggested some major repairs body shop for paint erosion. The most commonly used is the Blasting media that makes your car back to the original color of gray. Could also use a soda Blasting, which uses baking soda in a high pressure. Soda Blasting the results of this car looks clean, shiny 'fresh from the factory'. Last method is the acid dye. Where cars will be immersed in a pool full of acid to diminish the paint.

6. New Cat
Once your car 'bare' it's time you contact an experienced painter. Reference can you find through the garage and the famous shops which have often provided services such painters.