Friday, January 29, 2010

Volkswagen Automotive Future World Ruler

Volkswagen Automotive Future World Ruler

While the new targeting to become the ruler of the world automotive industry in the coming year 2019, Volkswagen was able to beat this year was the Toyota.

But it was not in terms of car sales, but in terms of number of cars produced this year.

Germany as a manufacturer is scored as many car production 4.4 million units during the 9 months. The number is far higher than the ruler of the automobile industry the world today, Toyota's only managed to produce a car as many as 4 million units.

Increased production of this significant is the effect of suspected government programs that provide subsidies for people who want to swap their old cars with new cars more efficient.

Similar cash program for the U.S. government clunker. But for these matters, Germany is a Forerunner for having started the program since 2008 ago.

The program has proved successful to put the German automotive industry to increase 26.1 percent. VW already ambitious for this level up not to waste the opportunity.

Because thanks to these subsidies, sales of VW can jump to 34 percent with total sales reaching 622.853 units. Skoda Fabia brand and is the most developed brand because its sales Jumped to 92.4 percent while Octavia rose 20.4 percent.

The success of VW became the manufacturer with the world's largest production also followed by a successful Ford beat GM production Effort won the third-largest position in the automotive world.

Ford has been producing cars reported as many as 3.7 million units in the first nine months of 2009. Slightly above GW which has produced 3.6 million units of cars.