Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Modified Lancer Evolution X

The real purpose of the double machine that appear on both, and go can be a daunting process of production. What time is the speed of business culture? Is it really true daily driver that can win on the cover of a magazine and land the grand prize could be? Answer: Yes, this is a good example to see Lancer X development.

Is still a very new market for the Evo X car and very few examples of bright. But the best part of this animal, and show in the world set up.

Engine MIVEC 4B11T displayed under the hood, 291 horsepower and 300 pounds - feet of torque with the stock. But these gems of high quality titanium Africa and the Indian Ocean Multiple Turbo, HKS, Greddy blow has been updated with the diet and increasing the control valve is closed, and one AGP file. Given, and the ECU technology, all of 359 hp and torque of 353 northern Mediterranean Sea, which is bad for the idea of Turbo, and says the total is now in stock. Radiator and a lot of pieces Mishimoto including helping to cool the car kit pipes on its way.

Move to stage works with a less than one device is a factor 2 increase with a claw. S Suspension coilovers, Robbie imagination swings once and once the pillars are made by Cusco. Work with the Brembo brake calipers, as well as the power brake pads to care for.

Lancer Development Group and the feathers in April x

Adjust the terrible sweet in April provided GT300 Wing, is to address the glass ceiling of the cycle generators cavalry, and the front spoiler lip. And carbon fiber hood is TiTek body armor, while the car was covered in purple Candy Bitchen!
Kevlar, a super rare female driver in the place of marriage Takata seat belts attached to them - is maintained by Max. Kevlar to build on. A type of motor control volume control works.

Gun metal 18 - inch wheels at the end of the Great LE37 wrapped in Toyo T1 - R tire is the power of the pavement.